Surface Grinders

Surface grinding is the grinding of contour, step, and flat surfaces. It is also possible to grind formed or angular faces with surface grinders by using special fixtures and form dressing devices. Among all of the grinding machines, surface grinders are the ones that are most commonly known.

We offer two types of machines that have been developed specifically for surface grinding:

  • Rotary Surface Grinder:** This type of machine consists of a grinding table which is circular in shape and rotates under the grinding wheel.
  • Reciprocating Surface Grinder: In this type of grinder, the grinding table is rectangular in shape and traverses under the grinding wheel.
  • Creep Feed Surface Grinder: This type of grinder is for large stock removal with slow feed, often with only one pass.

**There are two possible variations of grinding wheel spindle for the rotary type of surface grinder: horizontal spindle and vertical spindle.

  • Horizontal Spindle (Peripheral) Surface Grinder: This machine uses the face of the grinding wheel to grind the workpiece. It traverses the work under the wheel face gradually. It is also possible to grind a required area as the machine feeds the work laterally at each end of the stroke.
  • Vertical Spindle Surface Grinder: This is also known as a cup grinder or wheel face grinder. In this type of grinding machine, the grinding wheel is mounted on the vertical spindle. The grinding is done by the side of the wheel. The wheel head remains fixed and it is fed down or up until the grinding is finished.

Generally, a rotary surface grinder with a horizontal spindle is used for precision grinding with a very flat, fine finish. Peripheral grinders are used on flat or angled surfaces, recessed surfaces, tapers, and slots for higher precision works compared to vertical spindle or cup grinders. Cup grinders, on the other hand, are generally used for fast material removal. However, some of these machines are designed to provide a certain degree of precision as well.

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