Multiple-Spindle CNC I.D. Grinders

Maximum Advantage–Carolinas is proud to be a North American distributor of Jagura grinders since 1998. We’ll help you choose the right Jagura products that are most suitable for your business and will set the equipment up for you in the fastest possible manner.

Jagura Industry Ltd. is one of the most reputable and professional grinding machine manufacturers around the world. They’ve been providing their customers with a wide range of high-graded grinding machines and accessories since 1986. The manufacturing processes this company follows are based on outstanding technologies and a broad capability of research and development. They are positioned to keep up with today’s advanced technologies that lead to higher production efficiency and client satisfaction.

Jagura Industry Ltd. manufactures the following types of grinding machines:

  • Internal & Cylindrical Grinders
    • Carbide Die Series
    • In-Line Series
  • Internal Grinders
  • Cylindrical Grinders
  • Centerless Grinders
  • NC Micro Internal Grinders
  • Precision Grinders
    • Precision Micro External Grinders
    • Precision Internal Grinders
    • Precision Micro Internal & External Grinders
    • Precision Punch Optidressee Grinders
    • Precision Long-Hole Grinders
    • Precision Knife Grinders
    • Precision Facing Grinders
  • Polygonal Punch Grinders
  • Philip Punch Pin Grinders

Some of the most popular Jagura Grinders that we distribute in North America are:

  • Jagura NC Micro Grinders (I.D.)
  • Jagura CNC 2-Spindle Grinders (I.D. and O.D., Touch Screen, “Fill in the Blanks” Control)
  • Jagura CNC 3-Spindle Grinders (I.D. and O.D., Change Spindle Speeds While Grinding)

These grinding machines are suitable for either production or tool room usage.  Machine beds of all of the Jagura machines are built with high quality and specially heat-treated Meehanite cast iron that guarantees supreme performance. Some other features of these machines are variable spindle and work head speed, advanced servo mechanism, and ease of loading and unloading work pieces. In addition to these advantages, lifetime lubricated body parts ensure least possible wearing. This leads to smoother operation and lower maintenance costs. CNC grinding machines from by Jagura Industries Ltd. are easily programmable through a picture menu on the touch screen.

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