Micro ID/OD grinders provide your product with final grinding treatments along with micro finishes in order to create a precision fit for any particular need. These machines are recommended for industries that require the highest possible degree of precision. This includes the medical equipment industry, the automotive industry, and electronics parts manufacturers, among others. Dental implants, biopsy needles, guidewires, semiconductor probe pins, and inflatable wings are just a few examples of the types of jobs that require micro-grinding treatments. This finish ensures maximum safety along with the highest accuracy. At the same time, there’s less wearing and greater efficiency in operational procedures.

Micro ID/OD grinders remove very small amounts of metal. The surface finish obtained is specified by micro inches, which is why the method these machines undergo is named “micro-grinding.” Depending upon the nature and parameters of the product material, the material can be removed with a micro grinder by micro-cutting, micro-ploughing, micro-grooving, or fatigue cracking of the surface. In general, however, material is removed by combining these techniques.

Micro grinding machines can operate in ID, OD, or centerless modes. Micro ID/OD grinders make it possible to grind any array of complex shapes. The grinding wheels used in such machines are narrower compared to those of centerless micro grinders. On the other hand, centerless types maintain absolute diametric control, but also provide faster and more efficient material removal. However, there are special micro grinding machines available which can execute operations in any two or all of these modes. The configuration and features of micro grinders may also vary depending upon the types of products they are intended to grind.

When the proper fixtures and accessories are deployed on micro grinders, they can carry out any necessary micro finishing treatments other than the grinding treatments. These include honing, lapping, buffing, polishing, and tumbling. Generally, these processes are carried out in order to smooth and refine the surface finish, as well as to ensure better geometrical accuracy, uniformity, and optical flatness.

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