Precision grinding machines require proper care and maintenance to operate properly and perform to your detailed specifications. Given the demands that are placed on this type of machinery, it’s important for you to only use the very best accessories and materials to keep it running smoothly. This includes lubricants. As one of the world’s leading providers of precision grinding machines, Maximum Advantage-Carolinas wants you to know the basics of why lubricants are so important in our industry.

For starters, lubricants act as coolants. As you well know, an overheated machine won’t do its best work—and is at a high risk for costly damage. By lubricating the interface between the abrasive and the workpiece, you’re able to cool both the workpiece and the wheel. This is very important since temperatures that are too high at the surface (where the machining takes place) creates residual stresses. This can lead to reduced fatigue strength. Lubricants also remove and carry away any chips that are created by the grinding process.

There are various methods used of applying lubricants so they can do their job. However, the most important thing is ensuring that the coolant is on the cutting area and not on the grinding wheel itself. If this happens, it will be carried away as the wheel rotates. The lubricant should be applied only at the point where the grinding wheel makes contact with the workpiece.

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