A cylindrical grinder is a type of grinding machine that is used to shape the surface of a material. Though the name suggests otherwise, cylindrical grinders can work on a variety of shapes, not just cylinders. In fact, they can work with any object that has a central axis of rotation such as an ellipse or a crankshaft. There are a number of industrial uses of cylindrical grinders. Maximum Advantage-Carolinas explains.

Finishing Operations

The most common use of cylindrical grinders is for manufacturing precise shapes and finishing materials with a superior surface quality and minimum roughness. During finishing operations, the cylindrical grinders remove very fine pieces of material from the surface to deliver highly accurate final products.

Manufacturing Precise Metalwork

Industries have manufactured many innovative products using cylindrical grinders. These grinders are used wherever there is a need for highly precise metalwork which includes the automotive, military, electrical, and plumbing industries. Cylindrical grinders are very commonly used in the manufacturing and finishing of metal products such as rods, bearings, tubes, and bushings.

There are various types of cylindrical grinders such as outside diameter grinders, inside diameter grinders, and centerless grinders. Each of these have their own set of unique industrial uses.

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