Outside diameter (OD) grinder machines are used to grind an object between the centers on an external surface. These centers are end units which contain a point to allow rotation of the object. At the time of contact, the two surfaces move in opposite directions, enabling smoother operation and reduceing the chance of a jam. Here are some facts about OD grinder machines from Maximum Advantage-Carolinas, a leader in precision grinding machines.

  1. You can get an OD grinder machine with either CNC or manual controls. An OD grinder machine with CNC is better suited for automation, while one with manual controls is better suited for custom cuts.
  2. Single-point OD grinder machines are said to be up to six times more productive than traditional OD grinders.
  3. An OD grinder machine is a type of cylinder grinder. A plunge grinder is a form of an OD grinder.
  4. In an OD grinder machine, both the workpiece and the grinding machine rotate simultaneously.
  5. When it comes to operations, OD grinder machines function similarly to turning center machines. This is much slower than a centerless grinder.

If you’re looking to improve productivity and boost revenues, consider adding OD grinder machines to your manufacturing lineup. To learn more about our MAXGRIND brand of precision grinding machines, call Maximum Advantage-Carolinas.