Precision grinding machines are complex pieces of machinery. In order to keep them running smoothly, there are several machining tools and parts that are necessary. Here’s an overview of several of the most common machining tools and their functions from Maximum Advantage-Carolinas.

Grinding Wheels

A wheel is a machining tool that is made from an abrasive material or compound. This wheel is used for cutting down a material into smaller-sized components. Grinding wheels of varying sizes and shapes are found in all types of grinding machines.

Numeric Controls

Numeric controls, also referred to as Computer Numeric Controls (CNC), are an automated control used to grind material to precise and accurate specifications. These controls are found in CNC grinders and are considered a major advancement in grinding machine technology.

Vernier Controls

Vernier controls are machining tools that refer to a hand wheel that is calibrated through a Vernier scale. This type of control has to be set manually and it is not as precise as the automated numeric controls. These controls are found in non-CNC grinders.


Coolants allow machining tools to make use of a liquid or gas for cooling down the workpiece. The grinding process can generate a high amount of heat through the cutting process. A coolant ensures that the workpiece does not overheat and go out of tolerance or shape.

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