The field of industrial production is getting more competitive as technology continues to advance and evolve. With these rapid changes, it’s become a challenge to manufacture high-quality products at the least possible cost and in the least amount of time. Fortunately, CNC machines have made it possible to overcome this challenge. Likewise, CNC grinding systems are playing an important role in the grinding industry.

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. In a nutshell, it’s the process where a computer aided design (CAD) is fed to a machine as G codes. These codes contain the required numerical values needed to execute the process from start to finish. For CNC grinders, the numerical values generally denote the positions of the job and the grinding components in terms of X, Y and Z axes; headstock angle; grinding time period; and tolerance.

CNC grinding systems are available in a wide range of sizes and capabilities. You can choose from machines with different amounts (generally from three to eight) of numerically controlled axes of motion. The set-up costs of these machines is much higher compared to those of mainstream grinders as they are built of heavier and more rigid castings and welded assemblies. However, CNC grinding systems are growing in popularity because of their versatility and the unique advantages they offer over conventional grinders.

CNC grinders are designed so that they can operate under high-pressure coolants in a close cabinet for faster metal removal and maximum speed. This eliminates the risk of tool burning due to high speed. The versatility of these machines allow users to produce their very own designs from blanks and modify the designs. This reduces tool inventory and dependence on tool suppliers.

The most common applications of CNC grinders are:

  • Grinding milling cutters
  • Flute grinding
  • Thread and cylindrical grinding
  • Broach and hob grinding
  • Surface grinding
  • Reamers and step-drill grinding
  • Contour grinding

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