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What Is Roll Grinding?

Although roll grinding is nearly same thing as cylindrical grinding, there are some noticeable differences. Roll grinding presents special problems and usually requires machines that are especially designed for such heavy work. These machines are much larger, heavier,...

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What Is Cam Grinding?

Cam surfaces are usually ground after hardening in order to reduce wear. The contours of the lobes of cam shafts are most important and should be thoroughly and accurately finished. The changing composition and shape of camshafts makes it challenging to grind to a...

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What Are ID/OD Universal Grinders?

ID/OD universal grinders belong to the center type family of cylindrical grinding machines. The basic construction of a universal grinding machine is almost same as a plain grinding machine. However, some advanced features and auxiliary attachments make the first one...

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What Are CNC Grinding Systems?

The field of industrial production is getting more competitive as technology continues to advance and evolve. With these rapid changes, it's become a challenge to manufacture high-quality products at the least possible cost and in the least amount of time....

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What Are Tool & Cutter Grinders?

Tool and cutter grinders are used primarily in production shops. A number of identically shaped and sized tools are used, or the tools require accuracy where various rake and other angles are to be set on the tool for economic reasons. Special drill or tool-bit...

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What Are Micro ID/OD Grinders?

Micro ID/OD grinders provide your product with final grinding treatments along with micro finishes in order to create a precision fit for any particular need. These machines are recommended for industries that require the highest possible degree of precision. This...

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Welcome to Maximum Advantage-Carolinas!

Maximum Advantage-Carolinas is one of the world's leading suppliers of precision grinding machines. Our company was founded in 1998 by Gary Vasher. At the time, Mr. Vasher already had extensive experience in the grinding and machine tool industry. In the years since,...

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