Precision Grinding Machines and Accessories

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Precision Grinding Machines and Accessories

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The Name to Trust for Surface Grinders & Grinding Machines

Maximum Advantage-Carolinas offers an exceptional variety of grinding machines (full package), replacement parts, and accessories. We also offer complete set-up services. Under our MAXGRIND name, we offer an exclusive line of grinders produced in ISO 9002 certified facilities.

Why Should You Choose Maximum Advantage–Carolinas?

Maximum Advantage-Carolinas provides our customers with high quality products and services with highly competitive prices. The quality of most of our products is backed up by ISO 9002 Quality Assurance Certification. Additionally, we have extraordinary customer service capabilities. We’re available to provide you with the help you need within the shortest possible timeframe. We offer VALUE, high precision, increased production, and lower costs.

Video demonstrates a turnkey system for machining crankshafts like the one pictured right.

Which Precision Grinding Machines & Accessories Should You Use?

The selection of parts, accessories, or the grinding machine itself depends on the types of manufacturing processes you’re using. Other factors include the materials used and the degree of precision that you desire. Material properties (such as hardness, strength, resistance to impact, toughness, and elasticity) of the selected material for the workpiece affect the choice of abrasive grains used in the grinding wheel. At Maximum Advantage-Carolinas, we analyze your needs and necessities along with the production rates, floor space, and cost. Our agents will recommend the best grinding machines, parts, and accessories for your manufacturing processes. No matter where you’re located, either in the United States or internationally, we can help you operate your business with greater precision and efficiency. Call (847) 882-9600 to learn more about our grinding machines and related services.

The most common types of grinders we offer to our customers include:
Surface Grinders • Centerless Grinders • ID/OD Universal Grinders • CNC Grinding Systems • Micro ID/OD Grinders • CNC HOB Grinders • Rubber Roll Grinders • Tool & Cutter Grinders • Cylindrical Grinders • CNC Vertical Composite Grinders

Our products also include high quality grinding machine parts and accessories, which include but are not limited to:
Maxgrind CNC System • Automation • Work Holding Fixtures • GS-21 Drill Pointer • Coolant & Filtration

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